We’re on the books!

Kyle and I had a bit of a stumbling block last month when we found out in church that the priest we had been working with on our wedding at St. Louis Bertrand was being transferred to Rhode Island.  And we were having trouble getting a hold of him, so we weren’t really sure if anyone else at the church knew we were getting married there.  After a few calls, I found out who I should talk to, but then I had trouble getting a hold of him.  I panicked a bit, especially when we hit the 6-month mark and I still hadn’t been able to talk to anyone at the church.  I talked to Fr. Pat, and he assured me it would all be okay, and if I didn’t get in touch with someone soon, he would give them a call and see what he could find out.   Soon after I talked to Fr. Pat, I did hear back from the new priest, and we got a meeting set up.  That meeting was today, and Kyle and I still scheduled to get married December 31, 2009.

This priest has been at the church longer and seemed to be more in the know about the details with having the wedding there.  We got information on preparation, and we’re mailing out a registration form for that tomorrow.  And we got a book on planning a wedding service in a Catholic church without having the Mass.  We got names for who we should talk to about financial info and building details.

There might be some complications with the reception hall, having to do with security and making sure a person on staff is there on New Year’s Eve, but we were assured that we would get it worked out since we’re already committed (and who knows if anywhere else in the city is available for a wedding reception on New Year’s Eve less than six months in advance?).

Then we just chatted a bit and got to know our new contact in the church.  I feel much more comfortable now, knowing someone else in the church knows about us.  The wedding will go on, and  it will even happen where we said it would.  Yay!

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