What brought us here?

In deciding where to start on catching up on documenting our latest adventure, I concluded I needed to go back to the beginning of the whole process that actually meant we were taking this next step: the LSAT.  Kyle has always wanted to go to law school, but the timing never seemed to be right.  However, we kept talking about it, and soon my dream of getting my Ph.D. in Economics made it into the mix.  Finally, we said we have to either start making applications or quit talking about it and set our sights on a new dream.  So Kyle ordered books to study for the LSAT, and being the amazing planners that we are, we realized he could take it less than a month after his books came in or in the last couple of days of our trip we were making to Europe for Oktoberfest.  We decided on the latter…

Kyle studied for several months, and then he took a break while we traveled around Germany, Brussels, Wales, and England.  We flew into Nuremberg so that we could visit and stay with my friend Ula in Erlangen, taking a couple days to visit Munich during Oktoberfest, where we watched the hours-long parade and visited the Hofbrauhaus and Augustiner.  Before we left, Ula gave us a tour of Nuremberg, where we spun a ring on a gate for good luck (it seems to have worked!).  We made it to Brussels, where we were intercepted by Kyle’s aunt and uncle and given a tour of some castles and the Cantillon brewery.  We then took the Eurostar to London, visiting the Harry Potter Experience, then meeting up with Tim, Sarah, and their daughter Zoe and crashing a wedding in Cornwall.  After cream tea in Cornwall, we took a train to Wales to see an old friend of Kyle’s and visit the Doctor Who Experience. Finally, we headed back to Oxford to stay a few days with Tim and Sarah before going back to London for the LSAT.  And that was officially the beginning of the application process that would lead to our new lives.


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