Welcome to our blog

Where do we begin? Well, we’re engaged.  We’ve created this blog to keep everyone updated on what we’re doing and how things are going during this important time in our lives.  In this entry we’ll give you a little bit of history.

We’ve been dating for over 5 years now. In those years, we have lived (at times) on three separate continents, communicated over 15 time zones, logged 218 hours in flight, and broken up 3 times.  Against our best efforts, we are still together and have resigned ourselves to that fact.  So now Caitlan has an awesome ring, and Kyle has an awesome girl.  If only Kyle had waited a bit longer to propose they would both have awesome iPhones (Caitlan was going to resort to bribery to move things along, justifying this by saying that a phone still rings).

Now we are making a website for everyone to join us in our celebration.  Kyle is designing it and Caitlan is offering helpful (read: constant and forceful) tips. In fact, she’s dictating this blog entry.  This is our first entry, more will come soon.  Caitlan will be regularly posting updates on searching for the right location/dress/flowers/band/invitations/decorations/etc.  Kyle will begin posting one week before the actual wedding when someone reminds him when he has to show up. Stay tuned!


Kyle and Caitlan


  1. Reddos · December 13, 2008



  2. Michele McBrayer · December 16, 2008

    And who is Mike Ford?


    • kyleandcaitlan · December 17, 2008

      Mike Ford is one of Kyle’s good friends, used to be a roommate, and will be a groomsman. Thanks for reading!


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