Our Colors

The only wedding details we’ve decided on so far are that our colors are black and red.  And this was decided by Kyle and me before Mike Ford told us that’s what we should do on facebook.  So I just want to clarify why we decided on this.

First, red and black are Louisville colors.  While I sort of hate to admit this, this is probably the primary reason we chose them.  UofL is a big part of Kyle’s, and now my, life.  And he’s such a big fan.  And red and black just look cool together.

Second, red and black were our prom colors, our first big date together.  We didn’t realize this until later, but we liked how it went back to our history.

Third, though this isn’t completely definite, we think we want a winter wedding, and red and black seem good winter colors.

There are some other reasons, but these are the big ones.  And Mike Ford, I’m glad you agree with our decision.

🙂 Caitlan

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  1. Michele McBrayer · December 16, 2008



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