Dress Progress

So I think I’ve found the dress.  My mom came up just to see it yesterday.  And then I e-mailed pictures to Monica, my seamstress childhood friend, who did a wonderful job of fixing my bridesmaid dress when I melted it with an iron last weekend.  That’s a whole other story.  But anyway, she might make my wedding dress because it’s way too expensive to just buy, and it would be way cooler to truly have a one-of-a-kind wedding dress as well as a one-of-a-kind ring.  So we’ve e-mailed, and depending on what date Kyle and I pick, hopefully she’ll be able to do it, once we actually talk.  Of course, I can’t describle what it looks like or anything because Kyle’s not allowed to know.  Or put up pictures either.  But if you want me to describe them to you in an e-mail or send some pictures (the only person I’m going to be secretive about this is Kyle, I think), let me know.  As long as you swear an oath to never show Kyle.

Also, on the bit about secrecy.  The two weddings I’ve been in, the brides have only had their moms see the dress before the day of the wedding.  Then the bridesmaids got to see it to help her get ready and stuff, but all before that, it was a secret.  Is that a thing to do?  I don’t know if I should be less sharing of the dress.  I know my bridesmaids will see it, as will Monica and my mom.  Holly and Rita were the first to go dress shopping with me.  And Rita came yesterday to the trunk show.  So anyway, if you have any comments on that or if you want to know details, post away.


  1. Dana · January 12, 2009

    secret from Kyle? definitely!! As for the rest, do what makes you happy. Don’t do anything that will bring additional stress or doesn’t bring joy. If you enjoy everyone oohing and aahing over the dress – do it! If you enjoy the mystery – hide it. Remember – THIS IS ALL ABOUT YOU!!! Dana


  2. Elaine Brown · January 15, 2009

    Hi Caitlan!

    I have not met you formally but I work with Kyle and my name is Elaine. I have heard so much about you and I knew about your engagaement before it happened, which was an honor. I feel weird saying this since you don’t know me but I wanted to give you my opinion on the dress (I would like to know details too, if you don’t mind). I just got married in 07 and our 1 year anniversary was last August in 08. From my experience I think you should keep it from Kyle Definitley! Everybody else won’t really care. If they saw it or saw you in it before the wedding they would forget (trust me). Nothing beats the wedding day, seeing you on that day is what people are going to remember. However, I do agree with Dana, do what makes you happy, if you want it to be a mystery then it should be.


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