I met a priest

I actually made a lot of progress this weekend.  Kyle and I went to bookstores on Friday to look at wedding books, but there are so many that we didn’t get anything.  And then Andy came up, so we didn’t get to do much planning.  I told Kyle we really need to decide on a date soon.  But we don’t really know how.  But our problems might be solved by when my church is available.

Last night, my mom and I went to church at St. Louis Bertrand, where Kyle and I would like to get married.  A priest who I hadn’t heard before was doing the Mass, and I really enjoyed his homily.  And we was young and enthusiastic.  So afterward, I went up and introduced myself and told him I wanted to get involved in the church.  This made him very excited because he’s trying to build up the involvement of young adults in the church.  So we exchanged e-mail addresses (I actually got to give out one of my business cards!), and said we’d be in touch.  I hadn’t planned on telling him I was thinking about my wedding there too until I had gotten better acquainted with him.

But after the service, there was a free spaghetti dinner in the church hall, so my mom and I went.  And the hall is actually really nice.  So my mom said we should see how big it is by counting the tiles on the floor.  Now the priest we had met was up there by now, so he saw when my mom, inconspicuously as she says, starts stepping on each tile to count.  He looks at her and me, and says, “Joan?”  And then starts yelling out random numbers as he realizes my mom is counting.  She keeps going.  And I went over to explain to him why she was doing this so she didn’t look too crazy.  So I told him I recently got engaged, and my mom was trying to estimate the size of the place.  He said they could have told us, but it was more fun this way, since people probably all thought my mom was crazy.

He also informed me that the church was filling up fast, but he said Saturday weddings, and we’re thinking Friday maybe and in the winter, so hopefully there will still be open days.  So I’m going (and probably Kyle) to meet with him Tuesday or Thursday evening to look at how I can get involved as well as look at the book of dates.  So we might have a date this week.  And if the hall is big enough (it might be too small), he also said it’s extremely cheap for a reception place, and he doesn’t think people have booked that.  So that’s pretty big news.  I’ve got a contact in the church now, and I really like this priest, and I think Kyle will too.  So this is all exciting.  Two blog entries in one day!


  1. Dana · January 12, 2009

    Sounds exciting! and, mothers of the bride do get a little crazy! Remember, my friends and I will be happy to help with whatever you and your mom decide needs to be done. Dana


  2. Amanda · January 18, 2009

    Oh Caitlan, I loooove St. Louis Betrand’s. I’ve been to two weddings there, and it actually is the church I picked out if I ever get married in Louisville. Yay! It’s so pretty. Hope it works out.


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