The big news is finally here!

I’ve been promising news in the past few posts, and I’m finally able to post it.  We even revamped the website for it.  We have picked and confirmed a date, and we didn’t even have to rig the votes in order to get what we wanted.  Majority rules.  Kyle and I will be getting married the evening of December 31, 2009 at St. Louis Bertrand Catholic Church in Louisville.  Our name is in the book.

We will be paying our deposit for our photographer tomorrow, and we’re meeting with two caterers this week and next.  Once we get our guest list finalized, we’ll choose our reception venue, which is down to two places.  We’re meeting with Uncle John this Sunday to discuss invitations.  We’ve also spoken with a musician who is going to coordinate all the music.  So we’ve put some more things on the Wedding Details page, as well as the home page.  And we promise, soon we will have stuff up on the other two pages.

One comment

  1. Mom · February 17, 2009

    It will be a wonderful evening and we can’t wait! Mom and Dad


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