Caterers, Photographers, and Lists

On Thursday, Kyle and I headed into Jeffersonville, IN to meet with our first caterer.  We met with the President of Chardeau’s in an old elementary school, where their business is set up.  We really liked her, and she even offered to meet us and give her professional opinion on the two venues we’re considering for our reception, so we’re probably going to take her up on that.  Once we get together somewhat of a menu, we’re going to send it to her so she can give us a cost estimate.  Then we can compare to the other caterers we’re going to meet.  We’re going to see another one on Tuesday.

Today, we sent in payment for the retainer for our photographer.  We agree to his contract, but in it we’re supposed to put what package we want, which we’re not sure about.  So hopefully, we’ll be setting up a meeting with him to discuss that soon.  We also paid the reservation fee to reserve our date for the church, so we’re officially on the books.  Spending lots of money today.

We were going to meet with Uncle John about the invitations, but he is sick.  Hope you get better soon, Uncle John!

Lastly in wedding news, I got some wedding planners this weekend, so I get to start reading and making lists and checking things off and putting things in the little pouches in the books.  I got one from my Aunt Janet, and one from Kyle’s family for Kyle’s birthday.  Kyle got “The Idiot’s Guide to being a Groom.”  He also got a suit for his birthday, which looks very nice on him.

And, last of all, Happy early Birthday to Grammo!

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