A Reception Venue Decision?

I went to the church hall Thursday evening to meet Fr. Cuddy and Michelle from Chardeau’s.  Fr. Cuddy had gotten information on the church hall, and Michelle came to give us her opinion on how it would work as a reception venue, basically if it would be big enough.  Not only is the price right, but Michelle thinks it will have plenty of room for us, especially for the type of reception we want to have.  Our reception will feel like a gala more than a party: formal, elegant, and sophisticated.  We want something that reflects our personalities.  We won’t have tables and chairs for everyone but cocktail tables.  Plus we’ll have a dance floor and a live band.  For our food, we’ll have stations and some passing by waiters rather than one big buffet.

Last Sunday, we met with Aunt Dana and Uncle John, who will be designing our invitations.  We are very excited about having invitations made by people who are close to us so that we will reflect who we are. They enjoyed the ideas we had for our reception and we hope everyone else will too.  It was also fun looking at some of the other stuff they’ve done for weddings.

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