Second Caterer Meeting

Tuesday evening we met with our second possible caterer, Mirabelle Catering.  We really liked him too.  We met with the actual chef, as he pretty much runs his business.  And he does cakes, too, though not if he does the catering too.  He doesn’t like to have the responsibility of the cake and the catering at the same time, which makes sense.  All his food presentation is really neat and very unique.  We’re planning on sending him a menu as well to get an approximate cost.  We’re sort of hoping that there will be a big difference when it comes to that, so it makes our decision easier because, though the two caterers we’ve talked to are different, we like them both a lot.  So I know that everyone says do what makes you happy and don’t worry about everyone else, but this decision is going to be hard if their prices are relatively similar.  But I guess everything will fall into place.  Now we just need to get a response from our priest about the church hall and get the reception venue booked.

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