What we really want…

We met with our photographer yesterday evening to discuss packages, and now we have to decide what we want versus what we can afford. We do get to take advantage of a sale because we booked in February, but it will still be expensive. However, we are saving on other aspects of the wedding, and lots of people have told us it’s worth it to spend the money on photography.

It’s really just this book that we want. He does it through GraphiStudio. And it looks really cool, and it would be a great keepsake of the wedding. We asked about getting the book with the lowest package, but he said, after the work he puts into it, it wouldn’t be much cheaper than just going with the second package. So we’re thinking about doing that. The second package also comes with an engagement or bridal session with prints and travelling expenses. We don’t think we need an engagement session, so he said he could comp that with more enlargements, which he would do for the traveling expenses as well. Although now we’re considering a bridal session since none of our pictures will really be taken in daylight, and it might be nice to have some daylight wedding pictures.

Lastly, he offered that we could put our package as part of our registry, so people could put money towards it for us, but we’re not sure if we want to do that because we need other things from our registry. So there’s a lot to think about, but at least right now, Kyle and I agree on what we like and what we’re leaning toward. We just have to make a decision. So we’ll see. It was exciting to meet with him though, and to see his work again. We think he’ll do a great job.

We also have some other exciting news, about which Kyle is supposed to be putting up an entry (he has it started, just can’t seem to finish it), so stay tuned!

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