Who knew?

So before we considered New Year’s Eve as a possible date, we called caterers, photographers, musicians, and reception venues to make sure it wouldn’t be a whole lot more expensive and that they would be available and willing to work on a holiday. No problems there. Then we put the day up to a vote, and of course, you all know what happened there. Then Kyle and I actually looked at the dates and made the final decision. So everything is still going according to plan, but we did hit a little bump in the road with our New Year’s Eve plans. We forgot to consult a couple very important people to having our wedding that day: the priests. We did ask about the church availability, and it was available, though the next day is a holy day of obligation. No big deal, we thought. However, we got an e-mail a little while ago that informed us there would also be a vigil service for the next day, at 5:15 p.m. on New Year’s Eve. So we can’t get into the church until 7, and possibly not at all before the service, which means we can’t take many pictures before the wedding, unless we push the wedding later, which is probably what we’re doing. So it’s definitely an evening affair, one that probably won’t start until 8 or later. Yes, you want to eat dinner beforehand.

The bigger possible problem was the priests. We had wanted my childhood priest, Fr. Pat, to be involved, but he is now at a church in London, KY. Not exactly close to Louisville. And he has Masses for New Year’s Day, and possibly a vigil on New Year’s Eve. Fr. Cuddy, who has been helping us reserve the church, etc., we thought could also be involved, but he has a tradition of going home to Boston for New Year’s. Not exactly close to Louisville either. So we found ourselves in a dilemma. Of course, there’s a priory right next door to our church, so there would be plenty of priests who could probably marry us, but none with whom we had a personal connection.

But why am I writing about this now? Just to complain about my problems? No. Fr. Pat called me a few nights ago and said he would like to commit to having our wedding on New Year’s Eve this year in Louisville. He’s going to drive up on the Wednesday before for the rehearsal, and then he’ll stay here and be here for the wedding on Thursday. He said he’s been through a lot of stages in my life – he was my priest at my confirmation, he married my mom and Joe, he said Joe’s funeral. So he’s seen and been with my family at its best and worst, its happiest and saddest. And he said he would enjoy being able to be a part of this phase of my life too. So we have a priest! And one who will really know me, and will get to know Kyle and will make it a more personal day for us. We’re very excited. We’re hoping that Fr. Cuddy will still be willing and able to help us with our preparation before the wedding, and if he is able to be involved on the wedding day as well, that will be great too. So far, things keep falling into place!

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