We’re registered!

We actually registered a while back, but we registered at quite a few stores, so we wanted to make sure nothing overlapped.  There were different, specific things we wanted at each place, and everyone has different stores close to them, so we thought it was okay to register at multiple places.  We are registered at Bed, Bath, and Beyond; Target; JCPenney; Williams and Sonoma; and Pampered Chef.  All have websites (I think you can only get stuff from Pampered Chef online), but some of our products are in-store only.  Click on the Registry button at the bottom of our “Bride & Groom” page and you’ll have links to all our registries.  If you’re in the store, or looking us up online (you have to for Williams and Sonoma), if you just spell my name correctly (Caitlan Adkins), you’ll only come up with one registry, I think, on all of them.  A good thing about having a uniquely spelled name.

We tried to cover a range of prices and a range of types of gifts.  We tried to register at Lowes, but they apparently discontinued their gift registry, so we tried Home Depot and they don’t seem to have one either.  Kyle still wants manly stuff, so we registered at Sears for that (but he hasn’t picked anything out yet).  We’ll be keeping an eye on our registries and updating them when we need to.  Yay!

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