Kyle and I went to Sears today and registered.  So it no longer has zero items.  You can definitely tell this is Kyle’s registry, but I’m excited about it too.  Now we’ll have cool tools to match my cordless drill, not that we really have anywhere to put them, but we’ll find a way.  And we’ll build more stuff like our table and recycling center.  And there is some electronics type stuff too.  So check it out sometime if you want.

Also, we got an e-mail from Pampered Chef:

Dear Caitlan and Kyle,

We regret to inform you that the following products on your registry will be discontinued as of September 1, 2009. You might want to drop hints to your guests that they’re available for a limited time.

  • 2228 / Easy Adjustable Measuring Cup
  • 2229 / Easy Adjustable Measuring Spoon

So if anyone wants to buy us anything early, those would be two good things.  It’s not a big deal if we don’t get them.  They’re getting some new products too, and they might have different adjustable measuing things.  But just thought we would let people know. 🙂

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