Engaged Encounter

The last weekend in September, Kyle and I went on an engagement retreat called Engaged Encounter at Mt. St. Francis in southern Indiana.  We spent our time writing and talking and listening to the two presenting couples and a priest.  Though the majority of our relationship has been spent talking over the phone or on skype, we still learned a lot about each other over the weekend.  A lot of the weekend was very personal, so I don’t know how much I’ll be able to share, but there are few things.

We got to wander around Mt. St. Francis and we met an artist who has his studio there.  His art was great.  Michelle Dixon told us we had to have our retreat at Mt. St. Francis instead of the other place it’s held, and we’re very glad we did.  It was a beautiful place.

We had a Mass on the second night of the retreat, which was very moving.  We wrote our own prayers and shared them with the presenting couples.  The priest also had a very good homily.  We really enjoyed it.

We wrote betrothals to each other, which were letters to each other about how much we love each other and how we’re devoted to each other.  They were very touching, and mine almost made Kyle cry (which is quite a feat).  He only got teary-eyed.  We’re really happy that we have our feelings for each other on paper.

We’re very glad we did it, and we encourage any engaged couples to do it.  We’re planning on trying to volunteer with the retreat, too.

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