Shower Number 2

Last weekend, Michele McBrayer hosted a shower for me at her house.  It was the first time I got to see her new house, and it’s beautiful.  And the leaves on the trees were bright and gorgeous.  Michele was calling her shower the “old lady” shower, but there were a couple girls there besides me.  And Janet brought Juliana.  It was great to see everyone there.  A lot of the people I don’t see very often.

We had a game where teams danced their expressions of marriage, which was quite amusing.  My mom and Kyle’s mom were partners, and they won.  Michele also had a little book that everyone wrote their advice for marriage in, which was a neat idea.  I think I’m going to bring the book to my other showers to have people write in if they want.  Michele made her strawberry cake, which I had requested, my favorite.  Everyone enjoyed it.

We got a lot of good gifts too.  We got mostly kitchen stuff, but a few non-kitchen items.  We’ve already been using a lot of it.  And this weekend, we had a Halloween party, for which we used a lot of our new kitchen stuff in preparation.  We just had to find room for everything back at the apartment, although we did get to get rid of some of our old pots and pans.

Thanks to Michele for hosting the shower!  I really enjoyed it, and Kyle and I are loving our new gifts!

One comment

  1. Michele McBrayer · November 6, 2009

    Hey girlfriend I was so glad to do this for you. As far as your dreams go, I think it means you have to down the aisle barefootin it. I asolutely hate to miss it, so I hope someone tapes it


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