Shower Number 4

Two weekends ago, Kyle’s mom’s (Dana) friends had a shower for us in Richmond at the Telford house, and Kyle came to it too.  Since he knew all the people that would be there (and I didn’t), it made sense for him to come.  He introduced me to a lot of women who have been and are important to him in his life, especially when he was younger.  It was nice to match faces to names of people I’ve always heard him talk about.

The house was decorated with pictures of Kyle and me when we were younger and then the two of us together when we got older.  Some of the pictures were grouped with us doing the same things separately when we were younger: both of us playing the piano and in lifejackets in a boat.  It was fun to see young pictures of each other, and a neat way to decorate.

We also had wonderful food.  Dana’s friends made four different kinds of soup, including taco soup, chili, vegetable soup, and pumpkin chicken soup.  They were all very good.  I had a small bowl of each because I couldn’t decide between them.  There was also little snacky things like cheeseballs and crackers.  Then there were desserts, mini brownies and two different kinds of cookies.

We got to sit around and eat and chat with the people there, which was really nice.  We also got some really nice gifts, some sentimental and some very useful.  We’re very excited about them, though we haven’t found a place to put them away yet.  We will get to get rid of a lot of old stuff to make room though.  Kyle’s very happy about that.

Our Latin teachers, Mrs. Bayer and Bari, both came.  They were two of the only people I knew before the shower, so it was great to see them and catch up and chat.  The shower was really relaxed, and I really enjoyed it.  It was fun to have Kyle be at one of the showers and help open gifts too.  Thanks so much to everyone who helped host it!

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