Shower Number 3

A couple weekends ago, I had my first shower in Louisville and third shower overall.  Dana Fuchs had a personal shower for me, and kept the embarrassment to a minimum.  It was a lot of fun.  There was a boob cake, fondue, fleur-de-lis shaped chocolates, and lots of other goodies.  Dana bought my favorite (and possibly only I like) wine, and she had punch and jello shots with whiskey.  And yes, I actually had one of the jello shots.  It burned in my chest.  So obviously the food and drink made an impression on  me.

I can’t really talk about my gifts, but I got a lot of fun stuff, sexy and comfy.  And now it’s all hidden in my trousseau until the honeymoon.

We also played games.  Kyle and I came up with statements about ourselves that people had to guess which one of us it was about.  My friends learned that I love comic books and graphic novels and Kyle has beautiful hands.  Kyle comprehends time zones better than me, and I get too emotionally attached during UofL sporting events.  And lots of other fun stuff.  Then everyone wrote stories/conversations about/between Kyle and me using different foods, such as Yoohoo.  Those, along with little notes from everyone, went into a jar that Dana sealed that Kyle and I aren’t allowed to open until our one-year anniversary.  The last game was Dana asking me questions about Kyle that he had answered earlier.  Each time I got one wrong, I had to put a piece of gum in my mouth.  I got 6 wrong, but 7 right.  I knew that Kyle would save his computer if he had to choose one thing to save from a fire (besides me).  But I didn’t know know he would take his iPhone (since he doesn’t have one) on a deserted island (again excluding me as a choice).

The shower was a lot of fun.  A lot of my bridesmaids got to come to this one, and all my friends in Louisville.  They all told me not to write them thank-you cards, so if you all read this, thanks for all my gifts!  And thanks so much, Dana, for throwing it!

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