You just got into Vanderbilt! What are you going to do now?

Go to Disney World, of course!

My last entry detailing how we’ve gotten to where we are left off with Kyle taking the LSAT to start us submitting our applications. Once Kyle had taken the LSAT, he started getting application fee waivers for various schools. We applied to schools based on whether they had a good law school and a good economics program. We didn’t want to quit our jobs to go back to school unless we thought we could get another job after graduating. Kyle had also said he didn’t want to move any further south than Louisville, so we limited our geography too. However, Kyle got a fee waiver from Vanderbilt, and after some persuading on my part, we decided to apply there too, one of the last schools we applied to, and it turns out the first and only that accepted us both.

Because there was a chance we would be making no money very soon, we decided to do Christmas big that year. Kyle’s sister, Brook, had been wanting to take our niece, KG, to Disney World, so our gift to them and his parents was a contribution to tickets to Disney World. My friend Ula was getting married in Italy the next summer, and my mom has always wanted to go to Tuscany, so our gift to her was a contribution to her plane ticket to take a trip with us to Italy (we’ll get to that trip later). So over Brook’s spring break, all of Kyle’s family piled into a big van, and we drove down to Florida.

We ended up having 8 adults and 1 child, but it worked out as KG got plenty of attention from each of us. It was a lot of fun going to Disney World as an adult, and seeing the joy of it through KG. We had a few adventures along the way, but overall it was a great trip. When we got the tickets, they gave us a buy 4 days, get the 5th day free, so we had a whole week, which was plenty! We went to Hollywood Studios the first day, which actually ended up being one of my favorites. Then we went to Animal Kingdom, followed by Magic Kingdom. We took a half-day off our fourth day and just went to Epcot in the afternoon, and then we did our final full day at Epcot again. Epcot is still my favorite, and I think KG really liked it too. We got lots of princess autographs, and I even got my picture with Mulan! Mulan is probably my favorite, maybe tied with Belle. We rode rides that I rode as a kid and new rides from new movies and shows. It was pretty awesome, but after 5 days, we were beat and ready to go home. We got our Disney fill to last us a little while.

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  1. Mom · March 6, 2015

    So glad you got to go!


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