Ice in Nashville

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I got up bright and early today because I was supposed to have a mid-term at 9:30, and I wanted to study more.  But then I got a text from a classmate: Classes cancelled!  For the second day, Nashville is covered in ice.  Tennessee has declared a state of emergency, and the metro buses are shut down, which is saying something.  When we had the ice storm in Louisville, and almost no one could make it into work, I was there because I rode the bus in then.

Of course, I had already taken Tyson out, and the cold woke me up, so I’m up for now.  Maybe I’ll take a nap later.  Ty has no problem with snow, and he loves ice.  We finally have a treat for him: ice cubes.  He turns his nose up at Beggin’ Strips and “made with real chicken” treats, but ice is wonderful.  Outside, he would dig up frozen sticks or weeds and crunch and shake them to get the ice off and then spit out the stick.


He is also terrified of stairs.  Our power went out for an hour or two, and when it did, we decided it would be a good time to take Tyson out for a long walk.  We could not get him to go down or come up the stairs.  Kyle carried him down, and we took the ramps of the parking garage to go up.  We also got something out of the car on our way up, and he pulled hard away from it.  He didn’t love getting in the car when we brought him home, but it wasn’t too bad.  I don’t know if he doesn’t like cars or maybe he thought that meant going back to the Humane Society.  He hadn’t been eating and did start eating after that!  He has now finished two whole bowls of food – probably a little less than 2 cups total, but it’s something!

Having more ice than snow has reminded me a bit of the storm in Louisville, though I think Louisville was worse, and I was working for the power company then.  It’s nice to have a little insight into things from old jobs.  When the power went out, we didn’t panic because, although ice can be very bad for power lines, we have hospitals on all sides of us, so we figured we would be some of the first back on.  And it didn’t take long.

So now I’m going to enjoy my slow morning, try to catch up on some studying, and spend some more time with Ty.  He’s going to get spoiled and think we’re just always going to be around the apartment, but I think he’s settling in just fine.

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  1. Mom · February 23, 2015

    Love reading your blog, KK and Kyle!


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