Ice in Nashville

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I got up bright and early today because I was supposed to have a mid-term at 9:30, and I wanted to study more.  But then I got a text from a classmate: Classes cancelled!  For the second day, Nashville is covered in ice.  Tennessee has declared a state of emergency, and the metro buses are shut down, which is saying something.  When we had the ice storm in Louisville, and almost no one could make it into work, I was there because I rode the bus in then.

Of course, I had already taken Tyson out, and the cold woke me up, so I’m up for now.  Maybe I’ll take a nap later.  Ty has no problem with snow, and he loves ice.  We finally have a treat for him: ice cubes.  He turns his nose up at Beggin’ Strips and “made with real chicken” treats, but ice is wonderful.  Outside, he would dig up frozen sticks or weeds and crunch and shake them to get the ice off and then spit out the stick.


He is also terrified of stairs.  Our power went out for an hour or two, and when it did, we decided it would be a good time to take Tyson out for a long walk.  We could not get him to go down or come up the stairs.  Kyle carried him down, and we took the ramps of the parking garage to go up.  We also got something out of the car on our way up, and he pulled hard away from it.  He didn’t love getting in the car when we brought him home, but it wasn’t too bad.  I don’t know if he doesn’t like cars or maybe he thought that meant going back to the Humane Society.  He hadn’t been eating and did start eating after that!  He has now finished two whole bowls of food – probably a little less than 2 cups total, but it’s something!

Having more ice than snow has reminded me a bit of the storm in Louisville, though I think Louisville was worse, and I was working for the power company then.  It’s nice to have a little insight into things from old jobs.  When the power went out, we didn’t panic because, although ice can be very bad for power lines, we have hospitals on all sides of us, so we figured we would be some of the first back on.  And it didn’t take long.

So now I’m going to enjoy my slow morning, try to catch up on some studying, and spend some more time with Ty.  He’s going to get spoiled and think we’re just always going to be around the apartment, but I think he’s settling in just fine.

Neil deDogge Tyson

Well, we’ve talking about it for a long time, and we finally took the plunge.  Yesterday, Valentine’s Day, Kyle and I went to the Nashville Humane Association and fell in love with Ty, an 8-month-old Basenji mix.  He was the fourth dog we spent time with, the first being a 3-month-old puppy, the second a very strong-willed uninterested lady, and the third a very, very shy hound.  While most of the other dogs were barking very loudly, Ty was quiet but very excited to see us.  He didn’t pull on his leash but pranced around a bit like a Clydesdale with what a worker there called his puppy wiggle.

We had been debating if we should get a puppy or a dog, and Ty seemed to be a good mix, not too young but still a puppy.  However, we had never heard of Basenjis, so we did some googling.  They may have been the Egyptian palace dogs of the Pharaohs, around when the pyramids were built.  They are African hunting dogs, known as barkless dogs.  Though they can make a lot of noise, including “screaming” and” yodeling,” they apparently rarely or never bark.  While we were at the shelter, Ty didn’t make a noise other than a little whining when he wanted to play with another dog; however, later when we were at Petsmart, he surprised us with a couple of barks, so he is capable.  Before filling out the paperwork, we called up my cousin Nic, a vet, and asked his opinion.  Though Basenjis aren’t very common, he has seen a few, and he said they seemed to be good dogs with not many issues, and being a mix would be helpful with those issues.  So we decided to go for it!


We weren’t sure about the name, and he didn’t seem to recognize it as his own, though it fit because he kept getting himself tied up in his leash.  We talked about a lot of possibilities, and then Ian and Robin called to ask us about him, and Ian suggested Tyson, to keep the name the Humane Society gave him, but add a little to it.  Kyle has always loved the idea of naming pets and children after scientists, so he immediately thought of Neil deGrasse Tyson.  When we took him outside, we tried a few of our options out, and we both decided Tyson was a good fit.  And so his full name is Neil deDogge Tyson, but we will call him Tyson, Ty for short.

Basenjis are supposed to be very smart, and because of this, they can be stubborn and hard to train (one list put them as the second least trainable dog).  However, he obviously is a mix as he is quite a bit bigger than a regular Basenji (though he is still fairly small, 38 pounds now, maybe will get to be about 45 pounds according to the Humane Society).  We’re not sure what else he is, but I told him once not to go in our bedroom, and he has not gone back in since.  He will come stand just outside the door sometimes when one of us is in there, but he won’t go in.  He likes his bed and his crate, and he only barked and whined a couple times last night after we closed the bedroom door, and once we opened the bedroom door he seemed to be fine.  He hasn’t eaten much yet, and he doesn’t seem to like treats, another possible issue with training, but we’re hoping he is just still getting used to things and will eat more soon.  He is very sweet and friendly, loves people and other dogs, and loves to play but is pretty calm so far when he is just sitting in the apartment with us.  We’re pretty smitten.


Remembering Oxford, Appreciating Vanderbilt

Every now and then, I have a strong memory of Oxford, usually when I’m walking somewhere, as I used to walk so much in Oxford.  Often, I think of and miss Oxford most on gray, rainy days.  Kyle always laughs that what most people would consider bad weather makes me miss England.  The other day, I was on my way to campus, listening to music on my phone, and I had one of those feelings.  Usually I’m walking with Kyle so I don’t have my headphones in, but his class started later that day so he had slept in.  In Oxford, I almost always had my headphones in.  I would get lost in my music on my long walks, sometimes forgetting to appreciate the scenery and historical sights around me.  Though Vanderbilt doesn’t have quite the historical significance of Oxford, it is a beautiful campus with trees and green all around, as well as a few older buildings.  And being at any institution of learning has a different feel for me than other places I walk.  While I do get stressed and sometimes wonder if a Ph.D. is the right path for me, I am so appreciative that we ended up here.  Though Nashville is more well-known for its country music stars and cowboy boots, it really does have a gem in Vanderbilt, and I’m glad I get to walk through that almost every day.  Here are a few pictures of what I get to see each day on my walk.

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Our New Home

It took six months, but when we came back to our apartment in Nashville after the new year, I finally felt right calling it home.  I guess it took being away for a couple of weeks.  Moving away from Louisville was much harder than I expected.  We miss our friends, our old apartment, going to UofL sporting events, and even work.  We still thought of Louisville as home and Nashville as more of a temporary move.  But now, while I still miss Louisville and we may end up back there some day, I was glad to be back in Nashville.

Since this is a new phase in our life, I’m going to try to get back to blogging to document our adventures and misadventures.  I blogged when I moved to England, and I blogged when we were preparing for our wedding, so now I’ll blog as a Ph.D. student.  Writing has always been an outlet for me, though I haven’t always the been the best at writing regularly.  In Oxford, I would often write when I was feeling lonely, frustrated, or sad, so that was the side people read about, and while I’ve experienced all those emotions many times in my first semester at Vanderbilt, I’m going to try not to let that dominate my writing so people can see the good side too.

I was organizing pictures today, and they made me realize what amazing experiences I’ve had, even in just the past year.  We’ve been so busy going from one adventure to the next that we haven’t really gotten to share with our friends and family our trips around the world, so that will be my first goal in this blog.  Then maybe I’ll throw in some stories on the exciting times of being a married couple who studies all the time.  I’m also going to try to utilize my other website,, to write about my cooking experiments.  If anything sounds good, plan a trip down to Nashville to visit!  We’d love to see you!