Wedding “Nightmares”

I have now had two wedding “nightmares” that just end up making me laugh when I wake up, but during the dream, they are very stressful.  One has to do with the wedding, the other with leaving for the honeymoon.

Number 1:

The ceremony is getting ready to start, and the string trio we’re planning on having is not at the church, which is laid out more like a banquet hall than a church.  Luckily, the organist, who we weren’t planning on having at the time (now we are), decided to show up anyway.  So the organist and the singer we’re hiring are playing and singing music, none of which Kyle and I picked out.  Then it comes time for the readings (I don’t think we ever walked up the aisle).  We’re having Kyle’s dad, Brendan, and Ian do our readings.  Ian is not there.  And apparently, Kyle and I never decided who would read which readings.  Kyle and I are sitting at separate tables (remember, it’s like a banquet hall), he with his dad and me with my mom, so through motions we decide that Kyle’s dad will do the first reading, we’ll sing the responsorial psalm (since Ian isn’t there), and Brendan will do the second reading.  We have amazing hand motions skills in this dream.  After this, I notice (only now) that Fr. Pat is not there either (he must be with Ian).  So there is no one to read the Gospel or give a homily.  So my mom and I decide that we’ll go stand in front of everyone.  To do what, I’m not sure.  Kyle stays in his seat.  Once we’re up there, I realize that I am not in my wedding dress, and I haven’t picked out my wedding shoes.  I have on a yellow nightgown that strangely resembles a comforter I own.  And I’ve got on my gray slipper socks with two different wedding shoes on.  Think Sandra Bullock in “While You Were Sleeping” with the hanger around her neck when Jack comes over.  Maybe my dream is telling me I’ve seen that movie too many times.  When I realize all this, I tell my mom, and I ask her if I should go change.  She says no.  As we continue to stand, I notice that one of my old friends from high school’s mom is standing to the side at the front, holding up posters with the names of all the bridesmaids on them and other important people – basically our program in poster form.  At this point, I realize we must not have had any programs to hand out.  And if we didn’t have programs, then we must not have had invitations, considering Uncle John and Aunt Dana are doing them both.  I’m not sure how everyone got to the wedding on time and everything without invitations.  Maybe our website is better than we think.  I tell my mom that we never sent out the invitations, which she just nods to.  Then I said, “Wait!  Yesterday it was October!  How is it already New Year’s Eve?”  As I start run out, I guess trying to find a calendar to see what day it is, my alarm goes off.

Number 2:

Kyle and I are going to the airport to fly out for our honeymoon, and I am mad at him for some reason.  When we get there, he goes to sit down, and I go to check us in.  We don’t have our seats assigned for our second flight (this is true in real life) because there were no two seats together when Roger booked the flights.  So I tell the people that we’re on our honeymoon and ask if we could sit together.  However, I don’t think I’m very convincing because I’m not very happy, so Kyle and I don’t look like newlyweds getting ready to go on their honeymoon.  But the girl at the desk says she’ll try, but she says their airline isn’t actually the one flying us on our second flight (this is not true in real life), so she’s not sure she can get us seats next to each other.  But they do have something special for honeymoon couples.  So I go to wait with Kyle, and I have my carry-on with me.  In the dream, this turns out to be the bag that I walk to work with every day, so I didn’t really pack it, I just picked it up and brought it with us.  Thus, I needed to go through it before we got on the flight.  I’m digging in the pockets, and I pull out silverware: forks, knives, and spoons.  And it’s our silverware from our apartment (and some that we already gave back to Kyle’s mom), so I can’t throw it out or anything because then we won’t have any silverware when we get back.  I just keep pulling out more and more silverware.  And I have nail clippers and tweezers, and all the sharp objects you’re not supposed to have in carry-ons.  I tell Kyle I’m just going to have to call my mom, and he looks up and says that I don’t have to.  I turn, and she’s walking toward us in the airport.  Apparently, I forgot something that she brought me.  I have no idea what it was, but I give her all my silverware, I just dump it in her bag.  Then she disappears, and it’s time for us to go on our special thing for honeymoon couples.  It turns out to be a trip through the “Admiral’s Hall” whatever that is.  We get up to go, and I have no shoes on, and I don’t know where my shoes are.  I just have socks, and as I walk, my socks keep starting to come off my feet.  I keep pulling them up, but for some reason I can’t walk in a way that they won’t come off my feet.  We get to the Admiral’s Hall, and they show us where people come for dinner and all the fancy dishes.  It’s sort of like a museum.  Then we get to this place with all this jewelry, sort of like the Jewel House at the Tower of London where the Crown Jewels are.  As we’re looking at all the pretty jewelry, I wake up.  I don’t know if we ever made it to the plane (and I got all the “weapons” out of my bag) or if Kyle and I got to sit together on our flights, nor do I know why I was mad at him or where my shoes went.  I guess I just went barefoot.

Aren’t dreams wonderful?

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