Wedding Progress of the Past Few Weeks

We’ve been accomplishing a lot of little things the past few weeks, so we thought we would do one entry on all of it.

We got our honeymoon flights booked, or Roger and Becky did.  They were very generous and used their miles to get us flights to Cabo.  We’re leaving January 2 and getting back January 16.

We talked to our priest contact at the church and figured out the details on keys for the reception and when we can get into the church for pictures.

My mom came by the Rocking Horse Inn that we’re reserving for two nights, and we found out we can get some of our wedding pictures done there.

We got our program and invitation finalized, which entails getting our songs decided, time of service finalized (7:00 p.m.), order of bridesmaids and groomsmen.  They should be printed by Monday or Tuesday.

We booked a place for our rehearsal dinner and put down a deposit (Bistro 301).

We picked up our invitation envelopes.  Then Rita came over, and she and I addressed all of them that we have addresses for.

We got a price on our wedding cake.

We sent a timeline of events to our photographer.

We’re in the process of getting our online RSVPs set up.

We picked out our flower girl dresses and bought them.

We bought a tuxedo and all the accessories for Kyle (except shoes).

I went to Monica’s and tried on the dress for one last fitting, and decided on how to do the veil.  On the 20th, the dress will be done, and I’ll pick it up.  I also bought accessories for me, though we’re going to try them with the dress before we’re definitely keep them.

We talked to Fr. Pat, and e-mailed him the program to make sure everything in the service looks good.

We have our ceremony musicians (string trio and organist and soloist) booked and let them know the songs they would be playing.  We think we have our reception musicians booked too.

We talked to the liquor store we’re using, and the manager is going to send us a proposal in the next couple days.

That’s all I can think of now.  It seems as soon as we get one thing done, another thing pops up.  But now it’s 7 weeks until the wedding, and soon it will all be done, so we’re trying to enjoy every moment of it!

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